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Pages proposed for translation

These pages contain text with translation tags, but no version of these pages are currently marked for translation.

  1. Autoresponders
  2. Edit cpanel domain DNS records
  3. Mailing list
  4. Max defers and failures per hour
  5. Nextcloud install
  6. Webbuilder map

Pages in translation

Some version of these pages have been marked for translation.

  1. Add A and MX records
  2. Backup frequency of processes
  3. CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage
  4. CPanel/webmail error message
  5. Change NS records
  6. Change cPanel password
  7. Change php version
  8. Configure backup agent
  9. Create a new database
  10. Create a subdomain
  11. Create an addon domain
  12. DNS servers
  13. Delete account
  14. Disk quota
  15. Domain forwarding
  16. E-mail connection using webmail
  17. E-mail forwarding
  18. E-mail password
  19. E-mail storage
  20. Edit domain DNS records
  21. Forward a domain to a subdirectory
  22. Git
  23. Hostnet OpenStack Cloud diska sējuma veidošana
  24. Hostnet OpenStack Cloud instances izveidošana
  25. Hostnet OpenStack Cloud publiskās ip adreses piešķiršana instancei
  26. Hostnet OpenStack Cloud ssh atslēgas ģenerēšana
  27. Hostnet OpenStack Cloud virtuālā tīkla veidošana
  28. Instances izveidošana
  29. Kā pieslēgties e-pastam ar Android?
  30. Kā pieslēgties e-pastam ar Apple MacMail?
  31. Kā pieslēgties e-pastam ar Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013?
  32. Kā pieslēgties e-pastam ar Mozilla ThunderBird?
  33. Kā pieslēgties e-pastam ar iPhone?
  34. Kā sākt izmantot Outlook Express e-pastam?
  35. Litespeed cache
  36. Log in to cpanel
  37. Make a payment
  38. Make spam filtr
  39. Merge recovery points
  40. Mod rewrite
  41. New e-mail address
  42. Ns records
  43. Opcache
  44. Papildus diska pievienošana
  45. Papildus publiskās IP adreses pievienošana
  46. Parcelt lapu
  47. Pieslegties konstruktoram
  48. Pieslēgšanās pie SSD VPS
  49. Public html
  50. Publiskās IP pievienošana
  51. R1soft backup
  52. Rescue
  53. Restore MySQL databases from a backup copy
  54. Restore files/directories from the backup copies
  55. Reverse dns openstack
  56. SPAM filtri
  57. Sakumlapa
  58. Settings of the e-mail browsers
  59. Ssl konfiguresana
  60. Transfer a domain to the Hostnet Cloud Hosting
  61. Transfer domain to SIA Hostnet registrar
  62. Transfer website to Hostnet
  63. Transfer your domain
  64. Turn on mod rewrite module
  65. Upload files with FTP
  66. Vagrant + CloudStack
  67. Virus scanner
  68. Wordpress lscache pieslēgšana