Hostnet OpenStack Cloud disk volume creation

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This page is a translated version of the page Hostnet OpenStack Cloud diska sējuma veidošana and the translation is 100% complete.

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Hostnet OpenStack Cloud offers make separate disk volumes that can be used for storing data, and for the same instance startup. Combining this service with instances can get very flexible and unique solution. Disk Volume in server presented as a separate drive device.

  • A new disk volume building you can start by pressing the "Create Volume"

Hosc create volume 1.png

  • In the new window, enter the new disk volume name, type and size. At the moment Hostnet OpenStack Cloud offers two types of disk volumes:
  • # HA-SAS-disk-NETAPP
  • # HA-SATA-disk-NETAPP
  • In menu "Source Volume" you can select the disk volume source:
    • "No source, empty volume" will create an empty disk volume, which can be applied to an existing instance as an additional disk device. This disk volume can not be used to establish a new instance.
    • "Image" will create a disk volume with the OS template that will allow to use this disk volume to start the instance.
    • "Volume" will create a disk volume from an existing disk volume.

Hosc create volume 2.png