Hostnet OpenStack Cloud network creation

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This page is a translated version of the page Hostnet OpenStack Cloud virtuālā tīkla veidošana and the translation is 100% complete.

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First of all you have to create a network:

  • Choose "Create Network".

Hpc create network 1.png

  • Enter a new network name, than click on "Subnet".

Hpc create network 2.png

  • "Subnet" section insert subnet name, and specify a private network address. We suggest to choose address from RFC 1918

Hpc create network 3.png

  • After establishing a network you need to create a virtual router that will work as an intermediary between a private network and the public network.

Hpc create network 4.png

  • Enter virtual router name and choose the external network name. In most cases this will be one and the same - "Hostnet Public Network".

Hpc create network 5.png

  • After setting up router you need to add previously created private network router.

Hpc create network 6.png

  • Into new router section "Interfaces", add a new interface.

Hpc create network 7.png

  • Into Interface window, choose the previously created subnetwork and press "Submit".

Hpc create network 8.png